Union International Soccer League

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Mission Statement:

The primary focus of a successful soccer league is to promote the joy and fun of the game and to offer a safe venue for players to express themselves and develop their skills. The focus of Union International Soccer League is to bring diverse people and cultures together to play the world’s most popular sport. We believe that the benefits of organized soccer are numerous and it is our mission to provide all players with quality soccer opportunities that:

*         Promote fun, entertainment and satisfaction for all participants

*         Promote health and fitness through physical activity

*         Provide a safe environment through a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship

*         Develop soccer skills and interest in the game

*        Encourage teamwork, camaraderie and friendship

UISL  strives to be an all inclusive soccer league, which reaches players across a broad spectrum, including those new to soccer, former youth players, weekend warriors, and the most advanced competitors.  Our program is built around quality with experienced staff and professional referees.  We anticipate all of our members will encounter a rewarding and satisfying experience in UISL for many seasons to come.

The goals of UISL and each club shall be to provide an enjoyable experience for the fans, players, officials and everyone involved with the staging of a soccer game.

MacDonald Stadium