Union International Soccer League

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Rules and Regulations:

*              Tournament Fee is $800.
*              Individual Player Registration Fee is $10.

*              Coach must complete a Team Registration form and submit with a minimum $100 deposit in order to secure a spot in the league. The deposit fee                     will be applied toward the total league fee.  Teams that decide not to play after the deadline will forfeit the deposit.

*              Total balance due on March, 2017 at final meeting. Teams will not be allowed to take the field unless the balance is paid.  Payments are to be                      mailed to UISL mailing address or given to Max Durena

*              All players must sign an Individual UISL Waiver to be eligible to play and present their Player Card during game day.

*              Maximum 22 players per roster.  Final rosters are due by the first game (locked after third game).


All teams may list up to 22 players on their Club Master RosterThe Master Roster will be LOCKED after three (3) games played by each team.  After three (3) games played by each team, any team may add a maximum of five (5) guest players however team manager/coach must pay the UISL $50 for each additional players.   Guest players must be registered with the league to consider playing for any team.

Only 18 of 22 players are eligible to play on match-day. Any player that does not appear on the Team Master Roster shall be considered an illegal player. Any team using an illegal player shall forfeit three (3) points to the opposing team against whom the illegal player was used. A fine of $100 will also be assessed against a team using illegal players.

*    Teams are required to have two (2) sets of jerseys. The referee has the discretion to start the game clock if teams  are not ready to play due to jersey conflicts, players arriving late, etc. 

All players shall be required to wear acceptable cleats as determined by FIFA. Players from the same team will be required to wear matching uniforms. . All socks are required to be the same color for all players of the same team.

*   All players must wear shin guards during play. Under NO circumstances may a player participate without shin guards. Shin guards must be completely covered by socks.


The three (3) man system will be used throughout the tournament. Match officials must be licensed Referees. The match officials for UISL games will be assigned by contracted referee assignors, and consist of three (3) officials.

*              All games will start on time or be shortened or forfeited if more than ten (10) minutes elapse past

               scheduled kick off.                            
*             Teams are required to be ready to play 30 minutes before game time
*              Play will be divided into two (2) 45-minute halves separated by a brief halftime.
*              A maximum of 11 players per team on the field with one being the goalie.
*              A minimum of 7 players per team is required to be present to start the game.

A forfeit will result in a  2-0 win to the team not at fault and the forfeiting team will record the result as a 0-3 loss.

All players and coaches must present their Team Player Identification Card to the Feferee and League Director prior to the match. If the individual’s picture is not on the ID card and the card, the individual will not be eligible for the match. Players must be named on the Master Roster and Game Day Referee Report presented to the referee at beginning of each game.  In the event a guest player is present, the team sponsoring the player is responsible to notify the league three to five (3-5) days prior to the game and present a picture ID to the league so a card may be made, along with $50 payment.

A maximum of 3 non-playing personnel (Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Trainer) is allowed on each team bench. Reserve players are exempt from this count as long as they can produce their team’s membership card for the referee.


Teams may not substitute “on the fly”. All substitute players must notify the referee before entering the game. Substitutions may occur during any stoppage of play for either team with the permission of the referee.  Stoppages may include:

*              Throw-ins

*              Scoring of goals

*              Goal kicks

*              Fouls
*              Injuries



*              A send off (red card) will result in a minimum of a one (1) game suspension. A send off as a result of two cautions (yellow card) in the same game will result in the player being suspended for the next match. Any team using suspended players will be disciplined in the same manner as using illegal players.

*              Red carded player must immediately leave the vicinity of the field.  The player is also suspended for the next game and must pay a $25 fine before resuming play.  

*              Any players issued Yellow card must will pay a $10 fine before resuming play.

*              Three yellow cards by any one player during the season results in player suspension for the next game.

*              Two red cards in a season results in immediate ejection of player from the league.

*              Any disruption due to fighting results in immediate ejection from the league.

The UISL shall operate under a point system. The point system shall award three points for a win, one (1) point for a tie and no points for a loss.

In case of a tie in the standings, the following criteria will be used to determine final standing;

  • Head to head competition
  • Number of wins
  • Plus/minus
  • Goals for
  • Goals against

*              No overtime during playoff games, in the event of a tie, shootout will determine the winner
*              Only players present at the end of regulation will be permitted to make penalty kicks.

Each team must have a team manager that handles the following responsibilities:
*              Reporting of scores and communication with appropriate league officials. 
*              All team players must have access to email, and a valid telephone number connected during the tournament
*              All teams are responsible for maintaining their contact information with the league office. 
*              All team managers must list a current email address and phone number on their team registration form

*              Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play, ready to play as scheduled.
*              Failure to play will result in the forfeit of the match and $100 fine (must pay before resuming play).
*              Only referees and/or the Tournament Director can cancel or postpone a match.
*              If a game has to be terminated due to weather and/or other conditions and the tournament's timetable does not allow for the match completion within a reasonable timeframe, the game will be considered official after one half has been completed and the score at the time will stand.


The referee will record the score, report the specifics of any cautions and/or sending offs and sign the game report. A coach from each team shall be required to validate and sign the game report. It is the shared responsibility of the referee and the coaches to ensure that the game report is correct.


Immediately following the match, players and coaches from both teams:

*              Are expected to exchange congratulatory handshakes

*              Are expected to respectfully thank the referee(s)



Alcohol and Tobacco products are prohibited from the grounds of the tournament fields at all times during the tournament weekend.



Coaches, players and spectators are expected to clear their respective areas of trash at the conclusion of each match.



Each weekend of play all teams that participate will be monetarily rewarded to the degree of their standing of the proceeds raised via ticket sales.  The UISL will collect the 60% (after the deduction of Field Cost and Referee Fees) to put towards the fundraising goal to provide relief to the earthquake victims in Haiti.  The remaining 40% will be distributed between the teams, the Winner(s) for the day will split 60% of the remainder while the Loser(s) will split the final remainder of 40%.



*              $5.00  FOR REGULAR SEASON GAMES

*              $10 for the Final Game



*  League Winner Gets up to $3,000 in cash including  $2,000 in the final +  (Trophy and Medals
*  League Runner Up gets over $2,000 in cash including $1,000 in the final  +Trophy and Medals
*  Individual Awards


 *             Regular Season  (12) Teams two (2) groups of six (6) Teams

*              Quarter Final Games (8) Teams first 4 teams from the 2 groups will be qualified

*              Semi-Final Games (4 Teams)

*              Third Place Game (2 Teams)

*              Final Game (2 Teams) 


The 2016 Union International Soccer League season will play at the Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium in Everett, Ma